Exciting Science Shows

Animals Anonymous

Saturday 7 November: 9:30am, 2pm

Sunday 8 November: 9:30am, 2:45pm


South Australian-based wildlife warriors and educators, Animals Anonymous kept audiences captivated with stories about native animals and their work with threatened species.


Children loved the opportunity to get on the stage and help with some of the animals on display.

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The Science of Illusions

Saturday 7 November: 11am, 3:30pm

Sunday 8 November: 11am


People are fascinated by illusions, which can trick both the eye and the brain, but how do they work? Curiosity Show's Rob Morrison and Deane Hutton lead you through a world of illusions and explain the science behind them.

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Nitro Nat's Crazy Colourful Chemistry Show

Saturday 7 November: 10:15am, 2:45pm

Sunday 8 November: 10:15am, 3:30pm


This show explores chemical reactions with lots of colours and wonder. With fire demonstrations and some mess we also tackle things changing different states of matter. This is a fantastic way to see some wicked chemistry!

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The Scientific Bubble Show

Saturday 7 November: 12:30pm, 5pm

Sunday 8 November: 12:30pm, 2pm, 5pm

Marty McBubble is Back! And this time he’ll be making the Tallest bubble in the world! That’s right, a 10 metre bubble from the floor of Goyder pavilion all the way to the ceiling! Along with his incredible bubble tornadoes, volcanoes, rockets, cubes, bouncing bubbles, catchable bubbles and giant jellyfish bubbles. And if you are lucky, you might even get to go INSIDE a giant bubble yourself! And along the way, Marty will explain the incredible science behind his bubble creations. Get ready for Bubbles! Get Ready for Science! Get Ready for Fun!

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Science vs Magic

Saturday 7 November: 11:45am, 4:45pm

Sunday 8 November: 11:45am, 4:45pm

The magician is meddling with the science demonstrations! Join scientist Dr Erinn Fagan-Jeffries and magician Rob Ellinger for a 25-minute show featuring science and magic suitable for the whole family, as classic science demonstrations get a magical twist. There’s plenty of excitement and mystery, and maybe even an explosion or two! Come along and learn some incredible science and be fooled by astounding magic.

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