2019 exhibits

Naval Group

Naval Group is Australia’s international design and build partner for the Future Submarine Program. On our stand at Science Alive! you’ll be able to meet members of our team, build your own virtual submarine, take a submarine selfie and explore the exciting careers available with Naval Group Australia.

To find out more about the Naval Group, visit their website.

Astronomical Society of SA

Come and learn about the planets and bright nebulas. A must see if you have an interest in watching the stars at night.

To find out more about the Astronomical Society of SA, visit their website.


unlocking a better future for everyone

Get up close to some of CSIRO’s science. From bees to bionics and pulsars to proteins, we’re working on a huge range of exciting research projects. Get hands-on and learn more about some of the many projects we’re working on to make a difference to people, industry and our planet.

To find out more about the CSIRO, visit their website.

Scientific Expedition Group

Learn what happens on a biodiversity survey. Take a ‘selfie’ holding a live animal, and have a close-up look at ants through a microscope.

To find out more about the Scientific Expedition Group, visit their website.

Animals Anonymous

Get up close and personal with some of Australia’s amazing Aussie animals! Meet our friendly native birds, reptiles, mammals and marsupials in a safe, interactive experience. Our awesome wildlife demonstrators will teach you about the critters that call Australia home.

To find out more about the Animals Anonymous, visit their website.

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Basil Hetzel Institute

Basil Hetzel Institute

Test your surgical skills using the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons' laparoscopic box-trainers  and measure your grip strength using one of the hand-held dynamometers.


Box-trainers are used by surgeons training to do key-hole or laparoscopic surgery, and grip strength is a useful screening tool used to indicate overall muscle strength and general health of an individual. The Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health Research is the research arm of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

To find out more about the Basil Hetzel Institute, visit their website.


Kids will love this opportunity to make their own slime using a variety of different techniques!

Adults, never fear, all slime is given its own take-home bag (and all the clean up is on us!).


Our interactive exhibits show off some of the world-leading technology being used in the natural gas industry.


Short group sessions hosted by STEM Punks together with Brighter will show you how drones are being used to save human lives or how VR is helping people fix problems thousands of kilometres away.

To find out more about Bright-r, visit their website.


Questacon brings two travelling exhibitions to Science Alive this year! Enjoy, discover and explore principles of light, music and sound, human biology and health, force and motion, ecology and the environment, electricity and magnetism, human population and genetics with Science on the Move and get hands on with everyday scientific principles and problem solving puzzles Fascinating Science's logic, balance, fluids, illusions, and mathematical puzzles.

To find out more about Questacon, visit their website.

Australian Dalek Builders Union

At our stand you will meet daleks as well as meticulously crafted replicas (that sometimes come alive). Listen to our Daleks talk just like they do on tv. Younger fans can make their own mini-dalek.

To find out more about the Australian Dalek Builders Union, visit their website.


Interact with a laser interferometer (yes laser!) and learn about gravitational waves and how they are detected. Try our virtual reality guided tour of space, stars and black holes. New discoveries will change the way we view the Universe!

To find out more about the OzGrav, visit their website.

Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI)

The RACI volunteers will be giving you the chance to get your hands dirty—or sticky, as the case may be—with a number of entertaining activities. These include:

  • paper chromatography: last year over 1100 filter papers were used and countless people went home as proud chromatographers.

  • DIY sherbet: many kilos of raw materials disappeared last time, only to reappear all over the Showground as a sticky, coloured dust.

  • a periodic table colouring competition to celebrate the international year of periodic table and the unveiling of our artistic periodic table. Stand-out efforts will be awarded a daily prize.


Come along this year and help celebrate 150 years of the Periodic Table! How many elements do you know?

To find out more about the RACI, visit their website.

The Wilderness Society of South Australia

Humans rely on our our wild places to be the lungs of planet and provide a whole range of unseen 'ecosystem services'. And now our wild places need your help. Take the pledge to protect them and find out what more you can do!

Then transport yourself to one of our state's wild places or take a selfie with some of our unique wildlife in our Wild Photo Booth. 

To find out more about the The Wilderness Society, visit their facebook page.

South Australian Museum

Meet South Australian Museum staff and scientists and learn what it’s like to work at the Museum. Dig for fossils in our dig pits and see which ones you can identify. The whole family will enjoy our display.

To find out more about the the SA Museum, visit their website.

Amateur Radio in SA

Come and see the Elizabeth Amateur Club VK5LZ in action. Try your hand with some of our equipment. Learn about the transmit and receive of digital and analog communications via radio, digital ATV, light and microwave.

To find out more about the Amateur Radio in SA, visit their website.

Switched on Kids

Switched On Kids sell educational toys that aim to stimulate educational learning. Come and see how our toys can engage and enhance your 3-15 year old's learning and fascinate young adults too.

To find out more about the Switched on Kids, visit their website.

Techspace Learning

Visit our interactive exhibit and see robotics displays that demonstrate the simplicity and flexibility of the Arduino microprocessor to build almost any gadget you can dream up. You are limited only by your imagination!

To find out more about the Techspace Learning, visit their website.

Soil Science Australia

Come discover what it’s like to work in the world of Soil! Make up your own ‘good’ soil and plant a seed, create your own soil art with traditional Aboriginal orche paint and delve into our augmented reality sand box to shape and imagine different landscapes.

To find out more about the Soil Science Australia, visit their website.

Bugs n Slugs

The team from bugs n slugs have been bugging Science Alive! patrons right from the start. Every year they bring an amazing array of incredible invertebrates that you can get up close and personal with.

Discover why getting bugged is not such a bad thing! 

To find out more about the Bugs n Slugs, visit their website.

Nutrition Society of Australia

Come and learn all about the importance of eating lots of different fruit and vegetables in your diet and how your body digests them.

Then challenge yourself with our name that unusual fruit and vegetable quiz! Do you know which vegetables contain which vitamins?

To find out more about the Nutrition Society of Australia, visit their website.

Australian Science and Mathematics School

Enthusiastic ASMS students will be running hands-on scientific and technology based activities. Come along and try out some of our fascinating science.

To find out more about the Australian Science and Mathematics School, visit their website.

Seismological Association of SA

Earthquakes are fascinating and sometimes frightening and destructive. Come and see what's really happening when the ground is shaking. View earthquakes around the globe and learn how we record and locate them.

To find out more about the Seismological Association of Australia, visit their website.

Junior Field Naturalists SA

Take a break from the devices and bring the kids around for some nature-based games to play. It'll be heaps of fun! Plus we'll have displays of shells, rocks, insects, bugs  and animal skulls for them to see.

To find out more about the Junior Field Naturalists, visit their website.

National Science Week

Did you know that Science Alive! is part of National Science Week? Drop by and find out what other activites you might like to be part of from 15-23 August 2020.

To find out more about the National Science Week, visit their website.

Australian Radiation Protection Society

We hear a lot about radiation but many people don't know that we encounter radiation in everyday life. Visit our stand and try out a Geiger counter over household items. Ask our experts about your radiation questions.

Our members are professionals who work in radiation protection in medical, scientific, industrial and mining sectors.

To find out more about the Australian Radiation Protection Society, visit their website.

Force and Motion

The effects of force and motion affect our daily lives. Get hands-on and simulate some of these effects using practical experiments. We will explore forces like gravity, inertia and Newton's laws.

To find out more about the Young Scientists of Australia, visit their website.

Naturally Wild

Visit our stall and see a huge range of crystals, minerals, fossils, shells, sea-life and bugs for sale, from Adelaide’s own internationally renowned Natural History gift and collector supplier.

To find out more about the Naturally Wild, visit their website.

Infrared Selfies

Take a look at the infrared technology DST uses for a variety of applications. Then take your own selfie that shows just how hot (or cold) you are!

To find out more about the Defence Science and Technology, visit their website.


Visit the Adelaide Planetarium Photobooth and get your picture taken on the moon. Travel to another world and experience virtual reality through our activities.


The technology doesn’t stop there. Visit Josh and see the future of robotics and how it relates to machines and you.


Learn more about the research that the university is conducting.

Don’t forget to race on over to our SAE motorsport car and meet the team.

After you have tried everything, stop by the Ideas Wall and put your idea for a future invention on display.

To find out more about UniSA, visit their website.

Hackerspace Adelaide

Do you love all forms of technology, electronics, programming, 3D printing, modifying tech and building stuff? Then you’ll love what our members have been up to!

Drop in and see our life size K9, retro video games, 3D printers, air cannon and lots of other creations.

To find out more about Hackerspace, visit their website.

Drone Zone

Do you like noise, speed and spectacular crashes? How about robotics, coding and electronics? Combine it all together to get drone racing - a new, exciting and super fun sport that is hugely popular all over the world. 

The Australian Army has its own drone racing team and are the current world champions. See them in action at the Drone Zone exhibit.

These awesome pilots are all serving members of the military who get to race drones and get paid for it!Learn to fly on our simulator and then practice your skills on a mini-whoop drone in the cage.

You will also be able to check out the tiny Black Hornet and WASP Unmanned Aerial Systems used by Australian Army soldiers in the field.

To find out more about the Australian Army Drone Racing team, visit their website.


Dig-A-Dino is a new take on a classic childhood toy, the wooden flat pack dinosaur skeleton puzzles. Giant colourful puzzle pieces are buried within a ball bit, allowing kids to hunt for dinosaur bones and then piece their skeleton together like a palaeontologist, creating an interactive 3D puzzle play for all.  

To find out more about the Australian Army Drone Racing Team, visit their facebook page.

TFE Solutions

Explore the world, dive with sharks, visit outer space and navigate the human circulatory system all from the show floor! 


Come visit us at the TFE Solutions stand to see how VR/AR is changing the way we teach and learn. 

To find out more about TFE Solutions, visit their website.

SAAB Australia

Pilot an underwater robot while learning about electronics and motors. Then look into a new dimension with our augmented reality headsets. It’s just like you’re really there! Talk to our talented team about how to turn ideas into products. 

To find out more about SAAB Australia, visit their website.

The University of Adelaide

Fancy your skills as a racing car driver? Then jump in our simulator and give it your best shot. Will you be the next Australian racing champion?

Then see what our students have been up to with the Adelaide University Motor Sport team and check out our electric vehicle. 

To find out more about the University of Adelaide Motor Sport team, visit their website.

SciWorld's StarLab

Immerse yourself in space learning about the planets and solar system with the SciWorld Stardomes!

To find out more about SciWorld, visit their website.