Take a look at some of the positions achievable and innovative projects being completed through the study of all things STEM.

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Rotations offered as part of the SA Water Graduate Program gave me the opportunity to undertake meaningful work placements in a variety of different areas in the business. I used this opportunity to become involved in project work, which exposed me to many different business groups (operations, environmental management and procurement) and external organisations, and allowed me to get out on-site and get my hands dirty! I was able to explore the different business groups and find the area to which I was most suited, and that I most enjoyed, and then pursue as a career path. Through working in different groups I developed a range of different technical and non-technical skills that increased my confidence and networks through the business.

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Our people are using creativity and innovation to become leaders in drone technology and image analysis. Since 2016, we have been using drones for a range of initiatives across South Australia, including inspecting water tanks and other tall infrastructure, monitoring environmental management activities such as weed control, and inspecting solar panels to ensure they’re operating effectively. We now have 21 pilots operating a fleet of 18 drones, helping make our work safer, easier and more cost-effective.

Taking to the skies