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"Scientists often only speak up or appear in the regular person’s news feed when they are speaking on disasters. After an oil spill, about climate change or during a pandemic. They are perceived to pop up as prophets of doom with messages many would rather ignore. When scientists speak only as experts it creates an “us and them” relationship that hampers communication and collaboration between groups. Stories about science and scientists help to develop scientific literacy in those they share them with. Scientific literacy allows people to engage with science-related issues, to discuss and reflect on scientific ideas and technologies, and research facts. We need to tell all the stories about science. The stories that are interesting, the stories that are funny and the stories that are both ...We need to tell all the stories of science and scientists so that people can see science as part of their lives and not a mysterious other." Rebecca LeBard

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The main objective of the Australian Society for Microbiology (ASM) is to advance the science of microbiology in Australia. The society does this through the production and promotion of reading material, lectures, seminars, symposia and demonstrations on topics relevant to microbiology, as well as establishing and maintaining suitable standards for the practice of microbiology as a profession. The ASM also promotes the awareness of microbiology and its role in everyday life, and actively liaises with governments and other professional bodies at both State and Federal levels in support of its members and the profession.