Take a look at some of the positions achievable and innovative projects being completed through the study of all things STEM.

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Careers at the EPA are diverse and include:

  • compliance and law enforcement 

  • science and research 

  • legal 

  • strategy and policy development 

  • planning and project management 

  • technology 

  • communications.


Water Quality Alerts

Beachgoer app

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During the summer, beachgoers will be able to receive advice when the water quality at local beaches may not be suitable for swimming. Beaches in Adelaide are safe and healthy for 98% of the time. However, the water quality at beaches can be impacted by rainfall which flush stormwater into the sea leaving discoloured water especially around drains. Beach users can sign up to receive alerts by email or SMS specifically for Grange, Henley, Hallett Cove, Christies Beach, Noarlunga or Moana, as these are near the mouths of rivers or creeks, or large stormwater outfalls. The advice will be sent during periods of poor water quality and swimming should be avoided in discoloured water after rain events for about 72 hours.