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Take a look at some of the positions achievable and innovative projects being completed through the study of all things STEM.

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Alex is a Data Scientist!
Alex always knew that he wanted to do something involving maths, he just wasn’t quite sure what. He completed internships in various sectors - energy,
health, mining and even astrophysics - but it was only when he was placed in the Cyber Mission Assurance team at DSTG as part of the Defence Graduate
Program that things really resonated. In his role, Alex supports Defence’s ability to anticipate, withstand, recover from and adapt to compromises of its
military systems that use, or are enabled
by, cyber resources.


The Redwing suite of counter-IED devices

SILVERSHIELD vehicle-mounted systems


The Australian Defence Force, in collaboration with Australian industry, has sent the final delivery of life-saving SILVERSHIELD units to the Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces. SILVERSHIELD is the latest evolution in vehicle-mounted systems being developed under the REDWING program, which provides protection against radio controlled improvised explosive devices. Since 2015, Australian industry and Defence have produced and exported over 200,000 individual and vehicle mounted REDWING systems to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.

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