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"42 presents a groundbreaking education model that has high appeal to younger generations and on the flip side it offers businesses the opportunity to work with students prior to employment, which ensures the future hire is the right fit, I just love it! I am thrilled to be part of the team working with our partners to deliver meaningful engagements with the community. And also to be part of a historical shift in education."  



Collaboration & Free Tuition

Digital Education in SA


Adelaide CBD has become the new premise to the ground-breaking French computer programming school called 42 and tuition is 100% free for all Students. Students can expect to learn in a different way, by developing real projects in teams, based on a gamified curriculum where they earn points that allow them to level up. 42 Adelaide will enhance the existing digital education infrastructure in South Australia, such as courses offered through vocational education and training as well as the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre