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Hi everyone! I'm Jarli – an inventor with a knack for building things, especially things that fly! My pop has told me stories of the stars since I was tiny, and I’ve got a dream to be the first person to travel to other planets in our solar system.


To celebrate my launch, Air Force have created Australia’s largest immersive and interactive space experience at Science Alive. Come and orbit my world of light, colour and shooting stars in a massive, interactive 360 degree projection and reach new galaxies with my augmented reality experience.


I can’t wait to meet you at Science Alive 2021! To the stars! Jarli

To find out more about Jarli, visit the website

Reach for the Stars in my Giant Interactive Spaceship

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Crazy Colourful Science Show
Nitro Nat

This show explores chemical reactions with lots of colours and wonder. With fire demonstrations and some mess we also tackle things changing different states of matter. This is a fantastic way to see some wicked chemistry!

To find out more about Nitro Nat, visit the website

Scientific Circus Show

Dr Quark

In this high energy show Dr Quark explores the science and forces behind the circus tricks we all love.


While performing feats of unicycling, juggling, rolla bolla and plate spinning, Dr Quark demonstrates the effects of gravity, momentum, friction, air pressure,  energy transfer and push and pull forces.

To find out more, visit the website.

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Animals Anonymous Wildlife Show

Adrian Sherriff

With presentations designed to inspire a connection with the natural world as well as an appreciation for our unique and often fragile wildlife, Animals Anonymous engage children in a genuine, hands-on experience that leaves them with a sense of hope and knowing that they can make a positive environmental impact through biodiversity development and habitat preservation.

To find out more about Animals Anonymous, visit their website.

Dinosaurs Down Under

Professor Flint

If you thought you knew everything about dinosaurs, think again! Join world renowned singing palaeontologist Professor Flint, in a high energy, interactive adventure into the past. Sing, dance and stomp along with some of your favourite dinosaurs, as the Prof takes you on a journey to discover  what we really know about some of the most remarkable creatures ever to walk the Earth!


To find out more, visit the website

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